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In more than 25 years of work in production and post production I have won mutliple awards for Color Grade and Visual Effects. My vast experience allows me to offer comprehensive technical and creative support for visualization of your stories.


"Urban Vučer has an easy and safe workflow for dailies and color grading on set. Everything ran smoothly and I was very happy with the results. Color grading in a nice grading suite was also a great experience and the DCP looked excellent in the cinema."

Hagen Bogdanski, Director of Photography “SUM1” (2017)


"The collaboration with Urban Vučer and Iztok H. Schutz on my feature S.U.M.1 cannot be valued enough. From the very first moments in VFX preproduction, during the shoot's supervising until the final finishing it was a perfect synergy, not only by providing technical solutions but as well creative ideas. For me as a director, with a Sci-Fi movie like S.U.M.1 it is vital to create a unique and credible world. In that regard the extensive work of Urban Vucer and Iztok H. Schutz put our small budgeted project on another visual level. The result, I am convinced, speaks for itself."

Christian Pasquariello, Director “SUM1" (2107)


A tailor-made packages for your projects accompanied with the latest in filmmaking technology allows me to push the limits of what is possible while still being able to meet your budget.


Urban Vučer

Senior Colorist

Senior VFX Supervisor

Senior Compositing Artist

Film Restoration Artist

Post Production Supervisor



+386 41 404 740

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